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Storm Damage Restoration

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Storm Damage

It’s important to plan these carefully so that you don’t break your budget and avoid results that eventually require disaster recovery. Below is helpful advice you can use through every phase of the project to ensure you get safe, reliable results.


Adhere to safety codes

There are extensive home safety codes in place to prevent hazards, and you need to adhere to them. Work with a contractor that knows how to properly frame a home addition, and hire a licensed electrician and plumber to handle utilities. Leaks, shocks, and fires will all require costly disaster recovery services, and in the worst cases, can even be deadly.

Plan Carefully

Going into a remodeling project without a plan sets you up for disaster. You can easily go over budget and may find you don’t have the space or the means to finish a project. Delays will arise, and having to resort to cheap materials may not yield reliable results. Budget, work with an architect, engineer, or designer, and build a detailed plan with the contractor before the first day.


Hire the cheapest contractor

Homeowners want to save every dollar they can during a remodel and often go with the cheapest contractor they find. This can be a significant mistake. Cheap contractors are cheap for a reason. They may cut corners, sub-contract work to laborers that aren’t trained or licensed, or use cheap and unreliable materials. It’s best to base your decision on a combination of public feedback and price, so you find the best contractor for the job.

Neglect the rest of your home

Remodeling projects generate a lot of debris, and you’ll want to continue taking care of the rest of your home. Make sure you close off the area that’s being worked on, especially if it connects to the outside. Should moisture enter, it could create problems that require mold remediation and water damage restoration. Maintain sanitary living areas, and regularly test safety systems, so you’re prepared if accidents occur.

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