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Emergency Services

Available 24/7

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Emergency Services

Available 24/7

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Restoration Services for every Disaster

We have all been there before, either coming back from a vacation, or just getting back from a day’s work. We walk into the house and there is water all over the floor!

First Point Restoration is a full service general contractor. It is our philosophy that we can offer a quality product in a timely fashion giving the customer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Services

Whether dealing with an emergency, requesting decontamination or a longstanding mold issue – First Point Restoration has professional and reliable people to get the job done and we will oversee the project because our name is important to us.

Water Damage

If you notice water in areas it doesn’t belong don’t waste another second! Call First Point Restoration today!

Fire Damage

We are IICRC Certified Fire & Smoke Restoration. We work with insurance companies. We are able to do boardups.


We use a nontoxic- EPA registered Hospital grade disinfectant that is safe for kitchens and food prep surfaces.

Sewer Backups

We offer sewer back up clean up services and we are IICRC certified for category 3 water.

Storm Damage

Colorado storms can be extreme! We have the experience and expertise to fix storm related damages. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergencies.


We are IICRC Certified, residential and commercial remediators.

Request Help

We work with your insurance.
For a stress free claims process, FIRST POINT can help manage the insurance paperwork and process. Call for details.

Recent Services

Let us help you be happy in your home!

water damaged siding

Water Damaged Siding

water damaged siding opened up

Water Damaged Siding Opened Up


Fire Damaged Trusses


Restored After The Fire

before mold

Before Mold Remediation

after mold

After Mold Remediation

Pigeon Feces Decontamination Before

Before Pigeon Feces Decontamination

Pigeon Feces Decontamination After

After Pigeon Feces Decontamination

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our name is everything, we have built a reputation in the industry of displaying integrity and of delivering what we promise.

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A One-Stop Shop

Our wide range of skills allows us to take a project from start to finish reducing the need to schedule multiple contractors for individual tasks which translates to reduced work and time required by the customer.