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Fire Damage Restoration

in Fredrick, CO

Fire Damage Restoration Services

2020 has seen some of the most massive wildfires in Colorado’s history. As an unfortunate side effect of this, people’s personal property has been affected. To make sure your home is safe to enter after a house fire, hire a fire restoration company. These professionals will pay special attention to the following areas and help repair what was damaged.

What Inspections Should a Fire Restoration Company Perform?

1. Roof

While your roofing underlayment, supports, and shingles may be made of fire-resistant materials, these can still weaken or fail under sustained heat. Professionals will look for visible openings, water leaks, or ceiling sagging and take steps to resolve any problems they find.

2. Plumbing

During a house fire, parts of the house’s plumbing may burst. To avoid water damage, the system should be thoroughly tested. Professionals will first turn off the water at the main valve. Then, they’ll inspect the fixtures and pipes for holes or missing parts. They should also check the sewer lines to make sure waste isn’t leaking into your yard or backing up into your home as this is a health hazard.

3. Flooring

Not only can a fire harm flooring, but the water used to put it out can also warp these materials. As a result, some areas may feel spongy when walked on or noticeably sag.

Restoration experts will look for visible and hidden damage. They will then utilize drying solutions, like dehumidifiers, to remove as much moisture as possible to prevent mold. These fungal spores can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours under the right conditions and lead to respiratory issues.

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